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These screens are from a Nexus 4 running stock Android. The mail application is the default Email app.

  1. Open the Email App by clicking on the icon
  2. If this is your very first account, skip to Step 4. If you already have an account, you'll have to hit the Action overflow button (the three vertical dots) at the bottom of the screen to reveal the Settings option. Click Settings:
    Showing Settings after Action overflow button pressed
  3. Now click Add Account at the top of the Settings screen
    Showing the Add Account button at the top of Settings screen
  4. This is the main Setup screen that you get if you are setting up your very first Email account. Type in your full email address and your password then hit NEXT.
    Showing the main account setup screen
  5. We strongly recommend that you choose IMAP for the Type of Account. This is the best option especially if you have multiple devices accessing your account. Then click NEXT.
    Type of Account -- please choose IMAP here
  6. On this screen your username and password should already be filled in. Doublecheck that your full email address is listed here. The IMAP Server is In fact any place you are asked for a server, always type in Choose Security type of SSL/TLS. This should adjust the port to 993 automatically. Make sure your screen looks the same. Hit NEXT.
    The Username and Password screen showing incoming IMAP server settings
  7. This screen is for the outgoing or SMTP server. Make sure it says The port must be 587. And the Security type is STARTTLS. Require sign-in must be checked and the credentials below must match the info from the previous screen. Again, your full email address must be listed (together with password, of course). Hit NEXT.
    SMTP Server screen with outgoing settings
  8. Set how often you want the application to check for email and hit NEXT. These choices are all optional. Defaults should be fine.
    Email Check Frequency screen
  9. You're almost done! Just give this Email account a name and type in your own name then hit NEXT one final time.
    Give your Email account a name
  10. The application should begin downloading new email. This is the screen you will see. You're all set once it's finished loading.
    Loading up new email