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This page details how to configure your iPhone or iPad to to receive email from Netsville and send it to Apple.

  1. After you click the Settings icon, you'll be at this page. Choose: Mail, Contact, Calendars:
    200px-Iphone settings 01.png
  2. Mail, Contact, Calendars
    200px-Iphone mailcontactcal 02.png
  3. Add Account (Other)
    200px-Iphone addaccount 03.png
  4. Other / Add Mail Account
    200px-Iphone addother 04.png
  5. Filling out the Account information. The import parts on this screen are the User Name and Hostname.
    * You must use your full email address as the User Name
    * The Host Name of the Incoming Server is securemail.netsville.com
    * Fill in whatever your password is
    200px-Iphone newaccount 05p1.png 200px-Iphone newaccount 05p2.png
  6. SMTP - setting up SMTP Authentication for the Primary Server
    * Create an Outgoing Mail Server called securemail.netsville.com
    200px-Iphone smtp 06p1.png
  7. Primary (SMTP) Server
    * Make sure the Authentication type is Password
    * Turn SSL ON
    * The Outgoing Server Port is 587
    200px-Iphone smtp 06p2.png
  8. Advanced (Incoming Settings)
    * Turn SSL ON
    * Authentication is Password
    * Incoming Server Port should be 993 for IMAP. For POP3 it should be 995
    200px-Iphone advanced 07.png