IPhone Mail IOS 13

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This is an updated set of instructions for creating an email account under IOS.

  1. After clicking the SETTINGS icon, you'll be at this page. Choose Passwords & Accounts
    Iphone8 settings.png

  2. Choose Add Account
    Pwds and accounts.png

  3. Choose Other
    Add other.png

  4. Choose Add Mail Account
    Add mail account.png

  5. Type in your name, email address, and password (password dots don't show in the screenshot) then hit NEXT
    New account.png

  6. At the top of this screen, make sure IMAP is chosen. Then fill out both the INCOMING and OUTGOING MAIL SERVER sections. The Host Name is always securemail.netsville.com. Make sure to use your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS for the User Name field. Again, the password doesn't show in screenshot, but make sure it's filled out on your screen!
    New account in out.png

  7. Just click SAVE here
    New account save.png

  8. Now you will be brought back to the Passwords & Accounts screen. Your new account should show up in the ACCOUNTS list. Click on that account now
    Pwds and accounts added.png

  9. Click on your Account email address
    Existing account.png

  10. Under OUTGOING MAIL SERVER, click on 'SMTP securemail.netsville.com'
    Existing account settings.png

  11. Under PRIMARY SERVER, click on securemail.netsville.com
    Existing account smtp.png

  12. Verify Use SSL is selected (marked green here), Authentication is PASSWORD, and the Server Port is 587. Click DONE
    Existing account smtp settings.png

  13. Go back to <ACCOUNT and you should be back to the settings page. Click ADVANCED (under OUTGOING MAIL SERVER)
    Existing account settings.png

  14. Under INCOMING SETTINGS, verify that Use SSL is selected, Authentication is Password, and Server Port is 993
    Existing account advanced.png

  15. Go back to <ACCOUNT and click DONE. You should be able to send and receive mail!