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This page describes how to set up your Mac Mail to work with mail from Netsville's servers. Although the descriptions below are for the Mac OS X version, they should work for similar versions of Mac Mail.

The Main Steps

  1. From the menu choose Mail then Preferences...
  2. Click [+] to add an account.
  3. Type in your name, email address and password into the dialog and hit CONTINUE
    • Mac Mail Add Account.png
    1. Choose Account Type.
      • You can choose either POP or IMAP. We recommend IMAP.
    2. Enter a description. In the screenshot, ours is Netsville Email
    3. The incoming Mail Server should be:
    4. Enter your username:
      • Make sure to enter your full email address, not just the user portion.
    5. Password: (may already be filled in)
    • Mac Mail Incoming Mail.png
  4. For Incoming Mail Security, check Use Secure Sockets Layer and Authentication Type of PASSWORD.
    • Mac Mail Incoming Mail Security.png
  5. For Outgoing Mail Server, type
    • You must have Use Authentication checked and use the same User Name (your full email address!) and Password you did previously. It may already be filled out.
    • Mac Mail Outgoing Mail Server.png
  6. The final page is a summary showing your configuration.
    1. Make sure the email address and user name are the same!
    2. Make sure the Incoming and Outgoing servers are both!
    3. Make sure SSL is on for both incoming and outgoing servers!
    • Mac Mail Account Summary.png
  7. Click the CREATE button.

Other Config Screenshots

Account Information

Here is the main Account Information page you get after your account has been created and you choose Mail -> Preferences... from the menu. If you have multiple accounts, they will be listed on the left. In this example, we have selected the information for the account created earlier in these instructions. Mac Mail Account Information.png

Advanced Account Information

Here is the screen you get after clicking the Advanced tab. This shows an account using the IMAP account type with port of 993. This indicates the connection to the server will be encrypted which we highly recommend. In addition, IMAP is better suited for accounts with a lot of mail and/or accounts that are checked by multiple devices at the same time. Mac Mail Account Summary Advanced.png

Advanced Outbound Mail Settings

This is the screen you get off the Account Information page after selecting Edit SMTP Server List from the Outgoing Mail Server drop-down box and clicking the Advanced tab. This is where Mac Mail is particularly awesome because you simply need to make sure Use default ports is selected. You don't need to bother with which one. However, you do need to confirm Use Secure Sockets Layer is checked and the Authentication Type is Password. Your full email address is the User Name and your password must be the same one you use to check mail.

Mac Mail Account Information Outbound Advanced.png