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Connect to Netsville with OpenVPN

OpenVPN Windows Install

  1. Grab the client from here:
    • The clients for different Windows systems are at the bottom of the page.
  2. Double-click on the file after downloading. Choose YES to allow this app to make changes.
    Openvpn change2device.png
  3. Choose NEXT on the Welcome screen. We're just going to be taking all the defaults on the following pages.
    Openvpn welcome.png
  4. Choose I AGREE
    Openvpn license.png
  5. Choose NEXT (take the default components)
    Openvpn choose.png
  6. Choose INSTALL
    Openvpn chooseinstall.png
  7. After the install completes, choose NEXT
    Openvpn installcomplete.png
  8. Hit FINISH
    Openvpn installfinished.png

OpenVPN Config Files Install

You should have received a .ZIP file from Netsville containing various certificate files. We now need to install those in OpenVPN's config subdirectory.

  1. Double-click on the .ZIP file and BROWSE to this location: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config. Choose EXTRACT.
    Openvpn unzipconfig.png
  2. You will need Administrator permissions to place files here. So the following dialog will pop-up. Check Do this for all current items then hit CONTINUE
    Openvpn permconfig.png
  3. The files should be sitting in the config directory like this.
    Openvpn viewconfig.png

Connecting for First Time

On the toolbar you should have an OpenVPN icon (a computer monitor with little lock icon). You might have to hit the little up arrow to view more icons if you don't see it.

  1. Once you locate the OpenVPN icon, RIGHT-CLICK and choose CONNECT from the context menu.
    Openvpn connect.png
  2. Once connected, look at the OpenVPN icon again and the little monitor should be filled in GREEN
    Openvpn connectsuccess.png