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If Netsville hosts your email, you can change your password, set up a vacation (auto-reply) message, and set up mail forwarding.

Log In

To access your webmail administration area:

  1. Go to https://securemail.netsville.com and choose the bottom graphic marked "Webmail Administration".
  2. Enter your email address and password
  3. Click the "Log In" button

Admin login filled.png

Domain Managers

If you are the domain manager (or CEO, or otherwise in charge of email accounts), you can add/edit/change email addresses for your domain name.

Log in (see above) with:

  • Username: "postmaster"
  • Domain: your domain
  • Password: the password for the postmaster account

Regular User

Everyone who has an email account on a domain can change many things about their account. For example, you can:

  • change your name
  • change your password
  • set up a vacation message

Admin edit.png

Vacation Message

Enable Vacation Message

To enable a vacation message, click vacation on the left-hand menu. The page will then look like this below:

Vacation edit.png

  • Type in your message in the message field. If this is the first time, the enabled checkbox will automatically be selected when you enter text.

Vacation filled.png

  • Hit the Save Vacation Message button

Vacation edited.png

This indicates your vacation message has been saved and enabled!

Disable Vacation Message

  • Uncheck enabled and clear all the text from the message field.

Vacation cleared.png

  • Hit the Save Vacation Message button

Vacation disabled.png

The system will indicate that your vacation message has been disabled.